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Hours: Sun-Thur: 11:30 a.m.- 10:00 p.m., Fri & Sat: 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m.


Welcome to Berens Frozen Custard! Home of award-winning frozen custard premium ice cream for over 3 decades.

Berens Frozen Custard was originally founded by my father, Don Berens, in 1976 at our original location in Doraville, Georgia. Growing up in the frozen custard business taught me the importance of not only making a quality product, but also the value of customer service and the desire to produce the best tasting frozen custard possible. The past 20 years have kept us busy doing special events throughout the metro-Atlanta area and you may have seen us at such local happenings as Snellville Days where we won best food vendor in 2009, the annual Grayson Days Festival, Loganville Autumn Heritage Festival, and the former Gwinnett Glows Fourth of July Celebration at the square in Lawrenceville and the Gwinnett County Reading Festival at the county fairgrounds. We also have a permanent stand at the monthly Don Scott Antique Show near the airport where we have sold Berens Frozen Custard for more than 25 years. Finally taking the advice of our wonderfully loyal customers who wanted a location to come regularly for frozen custard , I have proudly opened Berens Frozen Custard at our current location in Snellville, Georgia.


“What is frozen custard,” you ask?

A premium ice cream created in the early 1900s. Like regular ice cream, frozen custard contains cream, milk, and sugar. Unlike regular ice creams, frozen custard also contains egg yolks which give it that silky smooth texture. That’s not the main difference though. The main difference is in the way frozen custard is made and served. Keep reading...

At Berens Frozen Custard, all our frozen custards are made fresh, in our store, several times throughout the day. You’ll rarely get anything at Berens Frozen Custard that is more than 1-2 hours old. Other ice creams sold at stores or ice cream shops can be days, weeks or even a month or more old. Fresh is definitely better! And, depending on your timing, you might even see the frozen custard being produced and churned fresh right out of the machines.

Specially designed frozen custard machines freeze the custard quickly to avoid large ice crystals and to avoid that "icy" taste that often comes with ice cream. That's what gives frozen custard the creamy, melt-in-your mouth texture.

These specialized machines churn slowly to minimize air in the frozen custard, or what is known as "overrun." For example, many ice creams can have overrun of 50-100% (that means half of the ice cream is air!). Frozen custard on the other hand has overrun of 10- 20%. This results in frozen custard being much richer and denser than typical ice cream. We definitely don't charge our customers for air!

The way frozen custard is served also gives it the unique flavor and creaminess. We serve Berens Frozen Custard at 18ºF compared to 5ºF for other ice creams. This "warmer" temperature allows your taste buds to taste the flavor of the custard better and adds to its silky smoothness. Ever notice how ice cream sometimes just tastes icy with no real flavor to it? Not so with Berens Frozen Custard!

At Berens Frozen Custard, mouth-watering and taste-tempting flavor is our number one goal. That's why we carry just a few flavors each day, so every one of them can be prepared and served just right. Enjoy your homemade Frozen Custard and Come Back to See Us Soon!

Welcome to Berens Frozen Custard and Please Come By to See Us!